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Have a bad date story that you want analyzed?

Or a dating advice question that you want answered using the latest communication research?


Please email your bad date story or dating advice question to

Details I'm especially interested in knowing:


How did you meet your date?

Online dating? Meet cute? Set up by a mutual friend?

Where did the bad date take place? 

Restaurant? Bar? Someone's apartment?

Did you ever talk to your date again?

Are you still in contact? Did you ghost them? Do they still text you on random Saturdays at 2 a.m.?

What were your hopes and expectations for the date?

Hookup? Committed relationship? Friends-with-benefits?

What happened on the date that made it a bad experience?

Tell. Me. Everything! Spare no details! 

What did you learn about yourself from this bad date?

Did you learn the importance of listening to your gut? Swear off online dating for a while?

Were there any "red flags" about your date beforehand?

Were some of their texts just a little off? Did you have a gut feeling something wasn't going to go well?

How did the date end?

Did you escape via a fake phone call from a friend? Did you sneak out while your date was in the bathroom?

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